As Soon as the order is placed, we start the work as soon as possible. Before the Product reaches to customer, Several Steps or Process have to be completed, Which are:-

  • Re-Check for Any Possible Defects.
  • Re-Finish
  • Packing
  • Drop Test (For Fragile Products)
  • Product Pick up is Scheduled (by us)
  • Product is Picked up & Shipped
  • Product is Delivered

The Events/ Situation/ Circumstances which are Responsible for the delay:-

  • In Rainy Season or High Humidity Climate, finishing is not possible & In some cases Manufacturing is Halted till Appropriate Environment is not there. Being a Natural Product, the wood is Subjected to Climatic Changes. Wood May React & we may not get the desired End-Product, if we rush the Production.
  • Regarding Shipping, Events like Roadblock, Traffic Jam, Diversion, Human-Error, Natural Disaster i.e Floods/ Earthquake & Etc.